Friday, November 20, 2015

The Taj Tandoori.

I recently swung by one of my favourite Indian restaurants in Cambridge for a well overdue visit. 

I used to eat here all the time last year when I was in the area more, but now I have moved to Ely I  have struggled to find the time to come say hello. So I was really excited to come back here after so long and pay my respects. 

The Taj Tandoori is sat on Cherry Hinton Road, opposite the cinema complex and sandwiched between numerous shops and pubs, the establishment claims to be one of the oldest Indian restaurants in the city. I could be forgiven for saying that The Taj even looks a little tatty and uninspiring from the outside. This does add to its charm however as it feels like a bit of a hidden gem once you discover the food and service within the establishment.

Upon entering we were seated in the waiting area near the bar while they prepared our table. We were eventually greeted and shown to our table by Amin, one of the waiters in the restaurant. I am always very happy with the friendly, relaxed and warm service I get at The Taj Tandoori, and today was no exception. Everyone feels like a close friend here and its something a lot of places in the city could learn from (cough cough The Maharajah cough cough). 

The interior decorating is very similar to the outside of the restaurant, basic and uninspiring, but by no means horrible. The place just feels a little bare, but as you get to know the place well you will find out that its a place which focuses on substance over style so it is easily forgiven.
The artwork on the walls is nice enough and good to look at while sitting at the table though isn't going to compete with any of the stylish artwork in Zara.  

There is a great selection of food on the menu, from classic curries to chef specials, to tandoori grill to vegetarian dishes. There is also a selection of good fish cuisine on the menu and even some English food incase grandma decides to tag along. The menu is laid out well and is incredibly easy to read and understand. Everybody should be able to find someone on the menu they like. 

There is no alcohol on the menu as it is BYOB (Bring your own beer). This is quite common in London but not something I see in Cambridge much. Its a fantastic idea as it free's ourselves from the shackles of extortionate beer and wine prices and gives us much more freedom on what to drink. This also saves heavily on the final bill. There is a Sainsbury's and a Tesco across the street so even if you forget this you can still pop across the road and pick something up. This will mean however that you will not be able to enjoy your favourite Indian beers on draft. 

Amin and the gang made us feel right at home. He was chatty, friendly and made us feel right at home. We ordered some papadums while we looked at the menus and had a chat amongst ourselves. The papadums were thick and crispy, just how they should be. 
They came out with the 4 classic side sauces, mango chutney, yoghurt, lime pickle and onion salad. All served in a spinnable metal container which made sharing easy. These, in my opinion, are the best four sauces to go with papadums and they were all serves and prepared perfectly. The yoghurt was a little light but the lime pickle and mango chutney especially were spot on. The onion salad was cut thinly though in to quite large bits which made it easy to put on top of the papadums while eating.


Amin was kind enough to show us some stuff from their up and coming menu. There was some exciting stuff here which really interested me. This has only made me want to come back and investigate again once the new menu is out. The paneer especially was very good. 

Once we tried the tasters we decided to order our main meal. Since I was with my family we ended up having quite a selection of dishes compared to what I would normally order. Everything was brought out in good time and presented in attractive metal bowls on a hot plate. 

 Johns Jalfrezi - Excellently prepared and presented with a lot of exciting colours.

 Our dishes all lined up on the hot plates.

 My girlfriends lamb cutlets.

Saag Aloo main.

Everything hit the nail on the head. Johns jalfrezi was incredibly well presented, full of colour and served up with chillies on top which made the dish look quite exciting.  Despite it being a little hotter than what he is used too he still ended up eating the entire dish, which speaks volumes in itself.

My girlfriends lamb cutlets were brought out on a hot plate with onions. Something she would often struggle to eat on her own but she managed to finish off. This again, speaks for itself. I tried a little myself and was impressed with the quality of the lamb. 

The Saag Aloo was on top form also. The potatoes were full of colour and rich in flavour. They were very slightly crispy on the outside and very soft and fluffy on the inside, a perfect addition to a curry. 

The dreaded Bengal Tiger.

I went for the same dish I have every time I am at The Taj Tandoori - The Bengal Tiger. Slow cooked mutton in a masala sauce cooked with the dreaded naga chilli. The slow cooked mutton, as usual, blew me away and I highly recommend anyone who can handle their spicy food to give it a go. It was a little milder than I remember, maybe my spice tolerance is getting higher, but it didn't have the same kick as before. Either way it went down well. I ordered a mango lassi (an Indian yoghurt drink) just incase but I didn't end up needing it.

I was introduced to some of The Taj Tandooris infamous chilli chips. Another thing to be expected on their up and coming menu. I was really excited to try this after being blown away by the chilli chips at The Regency Club a few months ago. I was a little disappointed with it in all honesty as they seemed to be oven chips with some spice sprinkled on top. They came across a little lazy and dry. Maybe I was judging them by the impossible standards of The Regency Club but I couldn't help feel a little let down considering the standard The Taj Tandoori has set itself with everything else. 

Once we had finished our plates were taken away and the table was tidied. Again, there was lots of friendly chit chat and banter with the staff, something which I noticed was not exclusive to us, this was a pattern I was seeing on every table in the restaurant. The place had a really bustling and positive atmosphere throughout. I really love the warm atmosphere here, it just makes me want to keep coming back, but also makes me feel bad for not finding the time to do so!

We were given hot towels (and rightly so after eating a Bengal Tiger!) and the bill was presented with chocolates in a leather book. The bill came to a surprisingly reasonable amount thanks to the BYOB policy and the competitive prices. We were all left feeling very satisfied and content all round. 

Amin and I

Once we decided to leave we were shown out by Amin. We all left feeling full, satisfied and happy with ourselves, I look forward to coming back again soon, and this time not leaving it so long! I might have to arrange a Curry Crew event here in the future. 

There are many popular phrases which spring to mind when thinking about The Taj Tandoori. "You cant judge a book by its cover" being the best one. The place looks very uninspiring and heck, even a little run down from the outside. Entering your opinions aren't changed that much, either but you soon forget about all that when you are greeted like one of the family and dining on their fine selection of quality dishes. The meat especially is good here and I recommend anyone who enjoyed Indian food to go out their way and come down to Cherry Hinton Road, you shall not regret it. The BYOB is the icing on the cake and will cut your bill down horrendously.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Le Spice - Ely

When I first moved to Ely nearly 2 years ago I took it on myself to do a tour of the Indian restaurant scene around the city to find my favourite. The conclusion I came too was that Ely has a very mixed bag of restaurants with no dominant Indian restaurant, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. 

One of them being Le Spice, a very popular restaurant in the city, located on Fore Hill amongst numerous other restaurants and shops. The place comes highly recommended by friends, family and numerous people on The Cambridge Curry Crew. I have been a few times before and enjoyed my time here but I still haven't managed to write a review on it. 

That is, until now...

I was lucky enough to be treated with a meal by my son and my good friend Joanna, which was a delightful surprise. I suggested Le Spice mainly because of their good reputation, but also because of its well known trendy and modern style. We looked online at their website which appeared to be broken, so we had to rely on Google for opening times.

Google suggested the restaurant opened at 5pm so we turned up at around that time as we were quite hungry. Upon turning up we were disappointed to find out that the restaurant did not open at 5, but 5:30, which meant we were left outside for 20 minutes. The staff saw us standing outside in the cold and were kind enough to let us in. 

My memory did not deceive me, the place was as modern and trendy as I recalled. There was beautiful modern art work on the walls, nice wooden floors, and lots of neon lighting giving it a very warm atmosphere. The staff were kind enough to let us in 10-15 minutes early but they would only let us take drink orders until official opening time. Our particular waiter was quite cold in all honesty, I couldn't help but feel everything was a bother for him. Both Joanna and I felt we weren't very welcome here.

We ordered some drinks. Joanna had a coke, Jack had a pineapple and orange and I had a Kingfisher on tap.  

We noticed a bottle of water on the tables. I have seen this in many restaurants before (such as Chutney Joe's in Cambourne). Make sure to ask the waiter if the bottle is free as some places charge. Upon asking the waiter told us this bottle was a whopping £4, so be careful! 
I wonder how many people have been caught out by this scam in the past. Shameful. 

We ordered some papadums while we looked at their menu. We were very pleased to see the four champions of papadum sides - Mango chutney, yoghurt, lime pickle and onion salad. The onion salad was finely chopped and well prepared, it came across very fresh. The mango chutney and lime pickle were both to a good standard with a decent texture and flavour - though the lime pickle was a little mild for my liking. The yoghurt was the real star of the show here, rich, colourful and full of flavour, it had a real thickness to it which worked really well with the papadums. 

Looking at the menu we saw that there was a decent selection of traditional curry, chef specials, Le Spice specials, tandoori and the occasional fish dish. There was something for everyone here. The menu was clean and well presented. 

We took our orders. Joanna had a chicken biriyani, Jack had a curry and rice and I had a lamb vindaloo with rice. We had a main of saag aloo to share. 

Curry fun times!

While we waited we decided to chat and scoff our papadums. Jack really liked the place, unlike a lot of Indian restaurants there seemed to be a lot of space for him to walk around and play. The tables were well presented, clean and the chairs were leather backed which were very comfy. Its a very nice restaurant to be around, you can even look our the window at Fore Hill and watch the people walking past.

 Lamb vindaloo
 chicken biryani with an egg and salad.
Saag aloo and two curries. 

When the food came out it was presented excellently. Joanna's biriyani looked fantastic and came with a hard boiled egg, a curry and a side salad. My lamb vindaloo looked very exciting, rich, full of colour and presented with some herbs sprinkled on top. 

While we were eating the waiter left us to it. He didn't even come back to check if everything was alright half way through the meal. Luckily there was nothing wrong with the food. 

Joanna was not overly keen on her biriyani. She thought that it was a very dry dish, though she did woof down the lot none the less. Jack enjoyed his curry too, though did end up leaving quite a bit of his (which was unusual for him. His trip to The Basmati around the corner was one of those meals where he licked the plate clean).

A sensational and generous lamb vindaloo.

My lamb vindaloo tasted great on the other hand.  I have never had a vindaloo with so much lamb...and such high quality lamb at that. Lamb being a more expensive meat than, say, chicken, you often expect the lamb chunks to be few and far between in the curry. This was not the case here. Not only do you get a lot of lamb here but it had excellent texture and was bursting with flavour. I really couldnt recommend it enough. The vindaloo was a little mild but the impression I got from Le Spice was this was more about presentation, style and creating a delicacy, which they executed well. 

The saag aloo was done very well too, the portion was generous and more than enough to share between the three of us. The potatoes were soft, fluffy and came with a good amount of spinach. The rice was soft and was prepared really well. No faults all around!

When we had finished the waiter came back and collected our plates and glasses. They presented us with a very decent hot towel which they opened and handed to us (sadly this meant I was unable to get a photo). Once we had freshened up we were given a chocolate with the bill. Nothing overly exciting, I was expecting a place like this to offer some mints or a shot of something, but the chocolate was welcomed none the less.

As Joanna and Jack were treating me to this lovely meal I was unable to see the bill. I did not get a chance to see if a service charge was added and was unable to gauge if it was good value or not. Looking at the menu though, I would say the place was about average in price, maybe a little above average (I would love to hear from anyone who comes here regularly on whether they do add a service charge, as it comes across as the kinda place which does).


Overall, Le Spice was an enjoyable experience, but not without its faults. The restaurant and the food is all very trendy and well presented. It came across as a much more modern and high brow establishment than its rivals in the city. Joanna was not a massive fan of her biriyani but Jack and I both devoured our meal. I couldn't recommend the lamb vindaloo enough, it really was special. In my opinion, the saag aloo and rice were very well executed too. 

That being said, the staff here tonight were cold, verging on rude, this in itself is almost enough to ruin an evening. This upsets some people more than it does me but everything came across as a bother for them. I am hoping this is not the case with all the staff here as this place could get top marks otherwise. 

Its also a damn shame that we nearly got caught out with that dastardly trick by the restaurant with the bottled water. I really hate things like that and it reminds me of the way some places abroad will try and rip off tourists. 

Le Spice adds another dimension to the Ely Indian restaurant scene. This doesn't come across as your usual standard British Indian spicy slop in a bucket you get everywhere - and for that I am grateful. Its just a shame that it feels like they don't want you you here and just want to rinse you for all the money your worth and leave. 

I can see Le Spice being a good place for a date or perhaps taking out a family member, but I wouldnt recommend it for having a spicy curry with your mates before going out on the town. So it depends on what you want, though its certainly worth a visit at least once. Their lamb vindaloo was one of the best I have had in a while.

7/10-8/10 - Depending on how much you are bothered by a cold distant waiter. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Zara - Great Shelford.

Its been quite a while since my last visit to Zara.

Located at the Great Shelford train station, the place absolutely blew me away last time with its trendy modern interior, its fine Indian cuisine and all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a high end restaurant. I can see why it is currently no1 on our Cambridge Curry Crew Facebook poll and The English Curry Awards 2015 winner for the East Of England. 

My last visit was a long time ago now so I was keen to see if Zara was still as good as I remember. 

I went with my good friend Jim, who just so happens to be a wheelchair user. This puts a new challenge on a place like this as it doesn't just have to prepare fine food and offer an excellent customer service, but it also has to be accessible for everyone.  Something which I thought might be an issue for an old building attached to the station of such a small size.

Getting in proved mildly challenging for my friend. There was no need for a ramp as the ground was level, though the concrete outside was a little bumpy. The double door system to get in was a mild inconvenience but he managed to get in with little trouble. 

I was so pleased to see that the restaurant was still decorated in the same art work as before. The place was littered with very modern and warm pieces of art work on canvas, an excellent touch if I do say so myself and I was particularly fond of this painting of the chillies.  

We sat down and looked at the menu which was in a nice leather folder. It was incredibly well presented and it was incredible easy to read and understand. As you can see from the picture above that curries were about average here with a vindaloo being around £7 (with tikka'd being only an extra £1). 

I was glad to see Kingfisher beer on tap with a selection of numerous Indian beers on bottle.  I would have liked to have seen an extra few choices on tap but with Kingfisher being my favourite, I was not about to kick up a fuss.

There was a generous selection of specials. I noticed some descriptions above certain dishes describing the history behind the dish. How accurate there were I don't know. Either way it was a nice touch. My friend decided to try the peri peri salmon, something I am not too sure is very Indian in itself but something which sounded delicious none the less. 

We ordered some papadums while we studied the menu which came out promptly and was equipped with lime pickle, mango chutney, onion salad and yoghurt. Each was excellently prepared and tasted sublime. Despite the lovely taste the lime pickle was a little milder to what I am used too but otherwise there was nothing to fault. I was particularly fond of the onion salad and how finely chopped it was. It made things a lot less messy and pleasant to eat.

Once we were finished we ordered our food. As I said above, my friend ordered the peri peri salmon and rice. I had the lamb vindaloo with garlic naan.

 Garlic naan.
The garlic naan came out in a wicca basket which was a nice touch. It was cut in to quarters and laid on some tissue. It was perfectly made and it tasted very fresh. It was soft with only a slight amount of oil to give it that good texture. There was a perfect balance of garlic too, not too strong but you could taste it well. They really got the balance of everything right here. Top marks. 

Peri peri salmon.

The peri peri salmon was presented on a white china plate with a rose shaped tomato. The salmon chunks were huge and just fell apart when you stuck your fork in. I couldn't really taste the peri peri as described in the name, in fact it came across as more of a curry dish than anything, but that isnt taking anything away from the lovely meal. It didn't disappoint in the slightest and the bell peppers were a good touch.

Lamb vindaloo

My lamb vindaloo was presented well too, as you can see from the picture. The lamb chunks, like the salmon, were large and very tender. There was little fat in the lamb and very little oil in the curry either. You can see that Zara goes to good lengths to make sure its dishes are all made from prime ingredients and makes sure the food cooked in a healthy manner. The vindaloo was quite mild in my opinion, though I get the impression that Zara is more about flavour and ingredients rather than making spicy slop in a bucket. 

I was really pleased to see that in such a small building (and quite old one too) that they had a decent disabled toilets. I would recommend this place to anyone using a wheelchair. I would say that the double door entrance might be a challenger for people getting in but the staff were kind enough to open the doors for us so its not an issue.

Once we were finished they staff took our plates away and we were presented with two very decent hot towels. The staff peeled them out of the packaging and handed it to us so I was unable to get a photo but the quality was good. They then brought out our bill, which came to roughly what we expected. The bill was brought out with some aniseed sweets, some mints and some After 8 chocolates. Absolutely spot on! This is why Zara scores so highly with people! 

Conclusion: Zara does it again. For a small place it does everything well. Even things you half expect it to struggle with, like disabled access and facilities, it managed to do well. I would have liked to see a better entrance/path leading in to the restaurant but otherwise there was nothing to fault.

The food was all made from top ingredients which become apparent the moment you taste it. Everything is presented well and nothing is done on the cheap. If you are here for a hot curry then you might want to ask for it on ordering as this is a place which aims for cuisine. Despite the high end ingredients and fantastic presentation, the prices were still competitive and all came with all the mints, sweets and chocolates afterwards. No corners are cut here. 

The staff are all helpful and incredibly chatty. 

Despite the place being quite small it has a good lay out with lots of space. I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and was particularly fond of the canvas art work. I can see why it has won numerous awards and topped The Cambridge Curry Crew Poll, I just wish I lived on the south side of Cambridge as it seems all the best restaurants tend to gravitate around this area. I look forward to coming back!


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Farewell to Zahza Grill!

A big farewell to the short lived Indian restaurant in Trumpington - The Zahza Grill. 

Not long after my second review of the restaurant and winning the Tifin Cup, the place closed its doors on Monday 28th September. There are currently no plans to reopen it.

I wish them the best of luck in the future. 

How many more places will open and fail at this so called cursed tandoori? In the past several years it has been a Spice Merchant, a Bollywood Spice and now a Zahza Grill. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Curry Crew 22 - Sylhet - Ely

After a short break from The Cambridge Curry Crew events we decided to boot up and start again. Having nearly every Curry Crew meet up in the city of Cambridge I thought it would make a refreshing change to come to the city of Ely (where I now live) and see what it has to offer in terms of Indian cuisine. 

The Cambridge Curry Crew Facebook group has been getting very active lately with a lot of new members coming in. I have had quite a few suggestions from the group, Twitter, and on local sites recommending The Sylhet which seems to have a very popular reputation within the city. Run by a Mr Ahmed, a man clearly very passionate about his restaurant and the work he does here, its the attention to small details which clearly makes this restaurant what it is and gives it the reputation is clearly deserves from people in the city.

Located on the busy road of Market Street, next door to the Montaz Indian restaurant and The Hereward pub, the place is quite easy to miss, yet once inside you realise that is quite spacious and well equipped to take any number of people. The Sylhet is one of the oldest restaurants in the city and has been open for decades, so clearly they have been doing something right all this time, which has only made me want to visit it a lot more. 

We booked a table for 8 o clock, so we were all pretty hungry by the time we got in to the restaurant. We were warmly greeted and shown to our table. While walking through I notice that the place is divided up in to two parts. The bar, which comes across as a take away in its own right, then a room to the left which is the restaurant, this separates the two parts of the business nicely. I also noticed that they had the two kings of Indian beer on tap, Cobra and Kingfisher, which is great to see after my visit to Zahza the other week where it was all bottle only.

We were handed our menus while we chatted and settled. I ordered myself a Cobra beer and the gang ordered a large plate of papadums with their drinks. The drinks came out quickly and the papadums not too soon after that.

The papadums came with the four side sauces you would expect to see - Mango chutney, lime pickle, onion salad and yoghurt. Each one was presented in white china pots and were prepared very well. There were no complains from anyone here and though the portions were small, they gave out several portions for each side of the table so there was enough for everyone. The onion salad, mango chutney and lime pickle were all chopped very well with good texture. There was a few comments about the yoghurt being a little runny but I felt it was absolutely fine and tasted great.

The Menu:
Looking at the menu I noticed priced were about average here. Curries coming to around £7-8 each and to have the curry tikka'd came to approximately a pound more. Rice was averaging at about £3 each and the naans were around £2.50. 
All the classics were on there from the popular curries, to tandoori grill, to dansaks and biryanis. There were a decent selection of specials too, though nothing overly exotic or unusual on the menu. 
Nobody should leave feeling disappointed either way.

Once we were finished the staff took our plates away and Mr Ahmed came out and greeted us personally. He told us a lot about the restaurant, his cuisine and a lot about himself too. You can tell that he is a very friendly and proud man who puts customer service at the forefront of his business ethos, and we could see how well it works with a full restaurant around us that evening. He was kind enough to tell us about his family history, the history of the restaurant and how he came to be here which for me added a real personal level of trust which is so important when dining at a restaurant and this only makes me want to come back here again. 

Braille menu - Incredibly impressive! 

Disabled Access:
Mr Ahmed also showed off (and rightly so) the excellent disabled access he had in the restaurant. The front door doesn't even need a ramp for wheelchair users as it is level with the street, and though The Sylhet isn't the biggest of restaurants, it was still equipped with a disabled toilet. He even had a braille menu for the blind which really impressed a lot of us at the table. It seems the man who thought of everything here and goes back to my point earlier about his attention to detail which makes The Sylhet Indian restaurant so popular with the locals of Ely. A lot of places could learn a thing or two from The Sylhet and I highly recommend anyone who uses a wheelchair to come on down and visit. 

Disabled toilets with lots of space for access.

While we were taking our main order the staff brought out some complimentary starter platters for us. An incredibly pleasant and welcomed surprised which consisted of what I assume was potato bhaji, chicken tikka and fried aubergine. All garnished with a side salad. 
Surprisingly it was the aubergine which stole the show at the table being so crispy and full of flavour, yet still managed to be light on the belly. I think the oil they used to cook it was a very high quality and it seemed to be the conversation piece of the table. 

For me though, the potato was the best. Cutting through it you see the spices and flavour go right through the middle and the soft fluffy texture coupled with the crispy outer shell was a perfect balance. I have never had this dish before but I could tell that they absolutely nailed it. 

A complimentary starter platter. 

The Chilli challenge:
Mr Ahmed knows I enjoy spicy food so he took it upon himself to toy with me and bring out some Naga chillies and Scotch Bonnets presented on a cucumber for me to try. For those unfamiliar, they are two of the hottest chillies around so my good friend Caoimhin and I decided to give them a go being the hot heads we are! This was a bad idea in hindsight as I struggled to taste my main course afterwards but it was great fun! 

Nagas and Scotch Bonnets - Try and your peril! 

The chillies certainly lived up to their reputation and were incredibly hot! I managed to consume 4 naga chillies and a scotch bonnet before starting to feel an incredible burn in my mouth and a torrent of hiccups which lasted the ENTIRE NIGHT (much to my girlfriends amusement). 

The Mains:
Our main meals came out shortly after the chillies were eaten... and everything came out together! Which is something a lot of Indian restaurants still fail to grasp (Are you listening, Raja?).

The food was presented well and all looked very nice. Portions looked a good size and the texture of my onion rice was spot on. I wish I was able to comment on the spiciness of the lamb tikka vindaloo I ordered as my mouth was still burning from the naga chillies, but the texture of the lamb was decent, though a little dry, but the rich smokey flavour of the vindaloo was all there.

 Lamb tikka vindaloo and onion rice. 

There seemed to be no complaint from anyone at the table which was a positive sign. I was also shocked to hear how quiet it suddenly got after all the fun and laughing talking to Mr Ahmed and the chilli challenge. Everyone really seemed to enjoy their food and I had little complaints on my end either.    I tried some of my friends chickpeas which were some of the nicest I have ever had. I ended up bringing some of their left overs home to have with me the next day. 

Chickpeas curry! 

Once our meal had finished the staff started to clean up. We asked for the bill and they were presented with hot towels and chocolates (as you would expect). The hot towels were good quality and the chocolates were very nice too. Both were exactly what I needed after a massive meal and some spicy chillies! Phew! 

The bill came to roughly what was expected for a group our size and the staff let us pay in cash or cards respectively. Once we started to leave we were seen out by the waiters who all took the time to shake our hands and wave us out. We left feeling like the evening was a fantastic success and not a single bad word was breathed about the service at The Sylhet Indian restaurant so I conclude that this was a night of success for us and the restaurant. 

The Sylhet Indian restaurant has really impressed us tonight, me especially. They seem to do everything, and do it well. The staff are incredibly friendly, helpful and warm. They take the time to talk to you and nothing is too much trouble.  In fact, I don't think I have seen customer service on this level in my life and I wish to thank Mr Ahmed and the staff at the Sylhet Indian restaurant for showing us such a warm welcome. 

The food was all very good and for an average market price. I really cannot imagine anyone leaving the restaurant feeling disappointed and I highly recommend their cuisine to anyone inside or outside the area.  
Everything was presented well and there were no complains from the entire table. The service was fast, polite and efficient with no mistakes being made, which for a table our size can be quite common. 
The starter platters was delicious and showed us some new types of cuisine which broadened our horizons in Indian cooking. Not to mention the chilli challenge which certainly put me in my place and I would love to try again! 

The disabled facilities were some of the best I have ever seen and living proof that a small restaurant can cater for the disabled. Now I am aware of The Sylhets disabled facilities I look forward to coming back soon with my friend who just so happens to be a wheelchair user. 

Its good to know that there is a place in my city of Ely which can compete with some of the Cambridge giants. I look forward to seeing Mr Ahmed and the staff of The Sylhet Indian restaurant again very soon. 


For anyone thinking of looking up The Sylhet Indian restaurant (01353669669). They have a take away service too which is only £1 for delivery. 

Thanks for reading!